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Hawking Technology guarantees that its products are free from physical defects in materials and workmanship under normal recommended use for up to one (1) year from the date of purchase. If the product proves to be defective during this one year warranty period, please visit our support page at to fill out a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) request form. If you cannot access this form, please email or call (949) 206 6900 x 1000. A return authorization number will be provided upon approval of warranty requests accompanied by a copy of proof of purchase. Returns cannot be processed without proof of purchase. When returning a product under warranty, Hawking offers replacement or repair of approved products only. Refunds in their original payment form may only be granted if the product is both (a) purchased within the 30 days prior to request for service and authorized you will receive an RMA number.

    Request Date:
Company: Name:
Telephone Number: Fax Number:
City: State: ZIP:
Email Address:
Technical Support Case ID#: (This is NOT your RMA number)
Place of Purchase:
Receipt (Must be a picture, ie. png, jpeg, gif):
Model No. Product Description Serial Number Problem Description Purchase Date

Is this item being returned for: CREDIT or REPLACEMENT or MISSING PRODUCT


Items returned for credit must be purchased Direct from Hawking Technologies and

128183000:2016-05-01 12:16:28 purchased less than 30 days prior. There will be a 20% restocking fee if product is not returned in original packaging and with all provided materials. ie.CD, manual, power adapter, etc.


RMA service for products purchased more than 90 days prior will be charged a minimum of $10 return freight charge for United States. NOTE: All items shipping to or from Canada and Puerto Rico will be charged a minimum $20 return freight charge and $30 for all other countries, regardless when the item was purchased. Hawking Technologies is not responsible for freight fees for items shipped to Hawking Technologies. Please complete the following credit card information if this pertains to your RMA request. Please enter your email address . You'll receive a payment request from [email protected]. Click on the link and make payment using your Credit Card through PayPal - a quicker and safer way to pay without sharing your information.

Urgent RMA shipping request. Note: An extra charge will apply for urgent RMA shipping request. (FedEx-Ground is the standard shipment): FedEx Saver FedEx-2nd FedEx-OVN
or Email Address for payment link

You will receive a response from Hawking Technologies within 48 hours. Please contact Hawking if you have any questions. Out of warranty repairs will be charged at a rate of $65/hour. A repair estimate will be provided prior to service. Please supply all of the information requested so that we may expedite your RMA service request, including serial numbers and problem descriptions. RMA numbers are issued by Hawking Technologies RMA department only. Technical Support Case ID numbers are not valid as RMA numbers. Proof of purchase in the form of a copy of your original invoice must accompany the return. FAX THIS FORM AND THE COPY OF THE ORIGINAL INVOICE TO (949)206-9072 OR EMAIL TO [email protected]
NOTE: Please place the RMA number on the shipping label. DO NOT WRITE ON THE PRODUCT BOX ITSELF. Be sure to include a copy of your RMA request form and proof of purchase in the package. Hawking Technology, Inc. is not responsible for lost or undelivered packages. RMA numbers are only valid for 30 days from the issued date and RMA deliveries will be subject to rejection past this date.

Return RMA product to:

Hawking Technologies
8 Faraday, Suite B; Irvine, CA 92618; USA